Who We Are

  • We're an upcoming leader in the global commodities market. We source, store, blend as per clients demand and deliver oil and key raw materials to clients all over the world.
  • We perform a simple task. We identify and act on imbalances between supply and demand. We achieve that by moving physical commodities from places where they’re plentiful to where they’re required.
  • We’re tied to mid major producers and suppliers. We focus wholeheartedly on addressing global imbalances in supply and demand. We succeed by giving customers the best possible service.
  • RESPONSIBLE: The people that work in this business are also its owners. That makes it personal. We act responsibly when delivering on our commitments to stakeholders‬.
  • GLOBAL: WE operates a lean, efficient and responsive business in many countries. We’re active in Middle East, the Americas and Asia.
  • OUTSTANDING LOGISTICS: Clients and partners benefit from the quality of our logistics Partners. We invest across the commodity supply chain to bring products to market efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • A LONG-TERM PERSPECTIVE : Ours is a long-term business model. We are building partnerships with host governments, project partners and local communities that deliver lasting, shared value.
  • Physical Activities : We negotiate off-take agreements with oil producers, refiners, resellers, mining companies and smelters. We source product and forward to physical markets.